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Milena Colmenares
Driven by curiosity. Specialist in lasers, thermal, and structural analysis. Focus is on linear & non-linear stress analysis, sensors, and electro-optical solutions.

Experience Highlights

  • 9,000' ocean depth + an additional 30,000' below the SEA FLOOR in order to study the subsurface
    To successfully inventing circuits to detect the conditions remotely
    Lockheed Martin,  invention is designed to use LASER TWEEZERS for Object Manipulation


  • Million Women Mentors (MWM) STEM program
    Played a LEADING role, every learned KERNEL of knowledge should be praised
  • Featuring Women Initiative In Partnership with Rose McGowan & Damage Inc. ProductionsSC
    http://www.seriesfest.com/  Science script
  • STEM LEADERSHIP for preK-12 & Beyond
    Proponent of Eye Guzzling SCI-FI content in order to understand Science.
  • Author, WormHole (Screenplay,#1854129)
    http://www.seriesfest.com/#!featuring-women-initiative/bbld6. Time Travel & Special Relativity
  • Board of Directors, Member http://www.banffschool.org/
    To support programs which equip students with a BROAD, academic education


  • Invent: Pendeo-epitaxy of Organic hybrids for Thin Film chip epitaxy
    Leveraging close packed,naturally occurring Ions for optimal growth.
  • Invent: Microfabrication for Laser Absorption for Pilot Safety - Grab the Light, Convert it to Heat
    A cockpit film WITH PEROVSKITE (CaTiO₃), retrofitted-convert Laser to heat with Photovoltaic cells
  • US Patent
    novel embedded electrochemical circuit for Helium Detection for Hydrocarbon Prospecting, Smart App
  • US Patent
    Embedded circuit and novel  electrochemical sensor based on molecular vibrational modes, smart app
  • Invention: Fuel Cell, Circuit, & Microprocessor
    Novel Electolyte cell & circuit for certain molecular detection, smart App
  • US Patent
    novel embedded Pulse Detection for testing Seal & Caprock Integrity for gas detection, Smart App
  • Invent: Using Metals in Medical Research for Oncology using NEMS systems
    Utilize novel metal combo's as payloads and target tumors while sparing healthy tissue
  • Invention: Living Stress Cages for Subsurface stability
    A novel strengthening & elastic protein. Found in nature, rapidly beating insect wings.
  • Power Source: Hair-thin Supercapacitor instead of Lithium Ion battery for remote rovers
    power system - ocean water fluids serve as electrolyte. Non-toxic, Longer-lived, & STABLE
  • Invent: Water Scarce and Need it Sterile? No Prob.
    Use a cold laser swipe (Neon Gas source), no h2o necessary, kills microbes, remote regions
  • Invention: Plasma Torch Process for 3D printing
    Take on the heavier jobs, improve sintering, when lasers just won't do
  • Invent: Skin Care
    Red seaweed derived Kappa-carrageenan/halloysite nanocomposite hydrogel for facial care moisturizer
  • Invent: Skin Care
    Shower Cleanser with long-lived SPF protection: Hydrophobic surfactant with Luciferin
  • An Improved EpiPen - Inhaled Spray-Dried Dispersions (SDDs)-Fast Delivery
    SDD AS cryoprotectants fast-dissolving, porous, dry nanocomposites
  • Invention: Color communication for gas based on light absorption, work it like Hubble
    Improving Remote spectrophotometry
  • Invention: Living Cement for the Deepwater Ecosystem through Exopolysaccharide Secretions
    a bacteria allows Self-Healing to Enhance sealing capability of cement in the deep
  • Invention: Superfluid Helium-4 to Assess Interfaces
    benefits of the quantum mechanical properties of He-4 below its Lambda point.
  • Invention: 3D Bio-Printing; Printing Kerogen Tissue Structures
    Create the decay. simulate categenesis and create hydrocarbons and coal. energy in a lab.
  • Invent - Red seaweed derived Kappa-carrageenan/halloysite nanocomposite hydrogel
    Benefits - great barrier, thickening AND stabilizing properties for surface.
  • Invention: Edible Stabilizing Polymer as a Preservative
    it's in your mascara and now used to stabilize oilfield chemicals in extreme conditions
  • Invent: Hydrophobic Coatings for Corrosion Prevention
    Fighting the inevitable in a natural manner

Questions & Answers

Favorite Journals
Journal of Dynamic Behavior of Materials & Journal of Archaeological Science
Foreign Languages
Serbo-Croatian, Spanish, & Russian
Professional Organizations
Alpha Chi Sigma, Professional Chemistry Fraternity & American Association of Petroleum Geologists

Latest Book - Bloodlands, Europe Between Hitler and Stalin, Timothy Snyder, 2010
http://timothysnyder.org/books/bloodlands . "At War’s end, both the German and the Soviet killing sites fell behind the Iron Curtain, leaving the history of mass killing in darkness." 


  • Protein from insect wings
    Protein from insect wings
  • By Marissa FessendenSmithsonian Magazine | Subscribe February 2014Read more: http://www.smithsoni
    By Marissa FessendenSmithsonian Magazine | Subscribe February 2014Read more: http://www.smithsoni
  • Stealth structure
    Stealth structure
  • Hofstadter Butterfly, NHMAGLAB, T.FL., 2015
    Hofstadter Butterfly, NHMAGLAB, T.FL., 2015
  • Graphene, NHMAGLAB, T.FL.
    Graphene, NHMAGLAB, T.FL.
  • Author, Film Script, SciFi Thriller
    Author, Film Script, SciFi Thriller "Nightshade", http://www.filmandscriptshowcase.com/winners-shorts-2016/


NASA sees strong international interest in lunar exploration plans

NASA says it's seen strong interest from potential international partners in its lunar exploration plans, such as contributions to the proposed Lunar Orbital Platform

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